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Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan- A Tourist Guide

Top Best Tourist Place in Gilgit Baltistan District Ghizer

 According to the tourism department, District Ghizer is one of the Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan. The place is home to one of the best tourist and local markets. It is also known as “Salaam” because of its variety of culture, history, and language. Also, it is full of natural beauty, unique wildlife, historical monuments, and art forms.

Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan

The most famous thing that makes District Ghizer one of the top tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan is its food and wine. With people from all over the world coming here, more and more are returning to discover the land and enjoy the best time in their lives. If you love food and have a taste, you can come and visit many restaurants. Now, this article will give you some information regarding food varieties, services, and places in the town to make your life easier.

This district is home to two major hotels: the historic mansion hotel and Gulmarg Hotel. Both these establishments are located within the city, but the visitor may come to both in different places.

At Gora which falls in this district, the main road goes through the village of Kotian. There we find an amazing array of delicious food. Visitors like visiting this region and experiencing wonderful sights. Although tourists can experience everything this part of Gilgit Baltistan offers them there are still other places they must go.

These are some of the options they can make if they want to experience something new. So, without further ado let’s list down some amazing places and places to visit in this amazing area.

Top Tourist Places in Gilgit BaltistanGora Village:

Gora is located at the northwest boundary of district Ghizer. It is one of the top tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan. As the name suggests, this area is very small. It is located only twenty-seven km from Ghizer. The tourist can only walk around this area. You can easily find plenty of restaurants, shops, tourist spots, and attractions in this area.

This area is full of traditional homes along with beautiful houses built in ancient days. Here, visitors can learn about how much was and was traded by traders during those times.

This area of Gora is known for its cheese-making. Many tourists are interested in milk and cheese making. These types of trade may not be fully grown to date, but one of the biggest producers of yogurt today was during the 19th century. The tradition of eating it continues, but now we also find a lot more people who prefer cheese making and buying them for tasting.

Some of the dishes in this area like zaatar, khachkar, and shadow that show great importance during the old days can help visitors understand the traditions and cultures of this area. The cultural representation in Gora Village makes it one of the top tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan.

Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan- Kotian Beach:

The beach of Kotian is one of the most visited areas in Gilgit. Located in the district Ghizer, this beach has some amazing views from the seaside. Many people consider traveling when they have this area as the best spot near any beach on earth.

Kotian Beach offers some incredible views. Visitors can see wild animals like birds and elephants roaming the beach and then surf the waves to see other animals like monkeys and snakes. People from all over the planet come here to take pictures, go shopping, and stay away from crowds. To get the best view possible one would need to pay a fee, but tourists are always willing to spend money.

Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan- Koka Fort:

One of the top tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan is the village koka. It is famous for the castle or fort of Koka is located in the district of Ghizer. It is a traditional fort. The location makes tourists go not only for camping but also for walking tours, safari tours, and adventure sports.

Visitors can explore other kinds of activities, including cycling tours and climbing routes. Not so long ago, tourists used to climb up the mountains to reach the top. Today, even climbers can do this task safely.

The most important attraction of this area is the Kachara forest. It sits high up in the hills. A large number of Travellers visit this area just like the beaches that offer amazing views. Visitors also like hiking along this forest.

Moreover, as the name tells it is also a bird sanctuary. That means the forest is home to some truly cool and rare birds. This is one of the best things people can do in this area.

Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan- Gora Forest:

One of the oldest forests in Pakistan is located in the district of Ghana. Being a national park and protected ecosystem, the forest is considered safe for wildlife. Therefore, tourists all over the world are eager to see wild creatures.

One of the biggest species found in this forest is leopards. They are also known as “Elephants of the desert.” The first time one entered the forest he or she will come back with a huge chunk of meat that looks like the meat of an elephant! All of the above-mentioned things are sure to draw many tourists.

The main reason why this area is called the Gora Forest is its rich biodiversity. Another factor is its excellent greenfield project. Since most of the country’s trees are now covered by plastic, this region is gradually turning into the safest greenfield in the whole Pakistani nation.

Gora has some beautiful churches, homes, and mosques. Besides having awesome nature places to visit, tourists can also plan a vacation in various Eco-lodges. From mountain walks to hilltop treks to water sports like canoeing and sailing.

Gora’s museums make it one of the top tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan. But with every museum, they bring in more tourists. Still, this area offers some really good cultural attractions and artifacts that show great importance in history.

The Named Mosque and the Sultan Mosque are among the most famous sites in the province. Both these buildings are highly decorated and have a strong connection with religious sites around the area. Religious institutions like mosques and cathedrals also attract tourists from all around the globe.

Top Tourist Places in Gilgit Baltistan- Kotian Desert Village:

A famous and interesting place is Cotyora village which lies in the district of Gora. Cotyora is also a destination for surfing and climbing among other things. This mountain village lies between Kotian and Chamaun’s hills, but it is considered a separate community and not a district of Gora.

The villagers also hold an area where tourists and locals go hiking. The village itself is considered a UNESCO heritage site in the whole of Pakistan. The village also has beautiful views that are worthy of being explored by tourists like horseback riding. Furthermore, the village sits down right next to the serene lake.

One of the most popular tourist spots in Gora is the National Park. Its area covers almost three hundred acres. The most popular attraction is a huge rock wall. On this rock wall, visitors can have fun while learning about the prehistoric life of our current society. Along with all rocks, there are also sections of cliffs from the nearby valley. All of these features make Kotian Desert Village one of the top tourist places in Gilgit Baltistan.

Even though the area is well kept and protected, still, it cannot avoid falling into a fire accident very often. Therefore, it demands some precautions and protection especially when one is going out of the forest. Kozhukkainal ruins lie inside the district Gora. Near these ruins lie the Buddhist cave ruins. This area is filled with rocks, fossils, and ancient artifacts.

Visiting this region is quite fascinating and rewarding. Apart from that, there are some temples located within the area as well. People use to worship here and spend their weekends and holidays doing different things. One thing to keep in mind when visiting this area is never to go there in the daytime and visit at nighttime. Remember when you were traveling to Kathmandu?




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